"Starting the day feeling nervous and not knowing what to expect it was a pleasure to meet Roxy who instantly put me at ease. She was fun, friendly and so easy to be with, as well as knowledgable with a great eye for fashion! Roxy has brought back the fun into getting dressed. Her knowledge and ideas have opened up my wardrobe and now my biggest problem is choosing what and how to wear my clothes as I have never had so much choice. I've also never had so many compliments on my outfits. What a pleasure to be spoilt with a great service :D"

Sue, Personal Shopping client

"I highly recommend a shopping trip with Roxy as a fun and good value-for-money experience. 

Approaching my 40th, I suddenly felt that I had nothing in my closet that suited me, and didn’t even know what suited me anymore!


Roxy and I compiled a wardrobe of around 12 interchangeable items for daytime wear and nights out, as well as one fabulous dress for my birthday. I left behind two items which I was less sure about, but went back to get them a week later!


I didn’t stand passively by while Roxy picked stuff out for me - she was keen to make sure that I found my own style and for that confidence to last beyond the shopping trip. I had a great experience shopping with her."

Kate, Personal Shopping client

“It was an amazing experience! I was on maternity leave and recently returned to work and I realised that I need to renew my wardrobe.


I would definitely recommend Roxy to all my friends!


Roxy helped me to find amazing clothes that suits me perfectly and look very stylish. Also everything can mix and match with one another and in total I got around 30 combinations that I could wear to work or to meet friends. Thank you so much, Roxy” 

- Yana, Personal Shopping client

"My wife turned 40 last year and I wanted to help her rejuvenate her wardrobe as a surprise present. I started looking at personal shopping options, and found Roxy.


From the first conversation, I knew she was just what I was looking for. She took a genuine interest in learning more about my wife, helping me plan the day, and injected lots of ideas on how to make it a genuine surprise and a very special experience.


On the day itself, Roxy placed all the focus on my wife to make sure she got exactly what she wanted and felt comfortable in. She was both really fun to spend the day with, and her professionalism and advice were invaluable. Neither my wife or I are that keen on shopping, but with Roxy it was a completely different experience.


We never would have achieved what we did without her - compared to the cost of the clothes we bought, having Roxy there was a really smart investment.


Thank you for making our day so special! We will be back for more!"

Steve's wife Lavina adds;

"Thank you so much again, I had such a great time with you as my personal shopper, you are brilliant at what you do, and will be in touch, to help enhance my summer wardrobe."

Steve, Personal Shopping surprise

"I purchased the home visit styling option as I wanted to have inspirational help in pulling together new outfits for work. Roxy was amazing and exceeded my expectations.


This was my first appointment with Roxy and she caught on to what I liked to wear so quickly. She pulled together so many wonderful creative outfits. She is brilliant at mixing and matching various prints and colour to make an outfit truly interesting. She also helped me organise my wardrobe so it will be much easier in the morning to pull together outfits.


I highly recommend this service. Can’t wait for Monday to start showcasing my newly inspired outfits."

- Meera, Wardrobe Detox client

"Until you’ve experienced a really good stylist like Roxy at work, its hard to believe how much of a positive difference she can make.


I was given this as a gift and was sceptical I’d enjoy it or get meaningful benefit from it, but I had a 2 hour session with Roxy in London Westfield and it was an eye opener.


She understood my requirements exactly, had done a lot of research and preparation, which meant I got a lot out of a short session. We went to exactly the right shops and tried just the right selection of clothes. Discovered I’ve been looking at the wrong sized clothes (!) and found a whole palette of colours I hadn’t considered before, that actually really suit me. Am very impressed + I had fun. Thank you” 

- John, Personal Shopping client

"Anyone who knows me would be really surprised to hear that I had arranged for a stylist to come and help me make sense of my wardrobe, but I'm so glad that I did. I had totally lost myself after years of yo-yo diets, having children, and battling with my self-esteem. I certainly was coming last in my priority list.


When Roxy came round, I felt so at ease with her, as though she were a friend visiting, but at the same time I was blown away by her knowledge and skills and the fact that she was able to see what worked for me, even if I didn't know it myself. After Roxy had been through my wardrobe and advised me of which clothes were flattering and which weren't, I had a lot less items crammed into my cupboard but was much happier with what I've got. I never thought I had a style, and never knew quite what I wanted to wear, but thanks to Roxy's visit I feel like I have gained an insight into my identity, and I feel much more confident in my choices. The key items she's advised me to buy are definitely going to finish my wardrobe off perfectly and I'm so glad to be rid of the clothes, which were doing me no favours.


Roxy brought life back to some clothes I was afraid to wear, and I learnt so much about necklines, colours and even materials. I can't thank Roxy enough for her enthusiasm, compliments, kindness and the genuine passion that she showed. I felt like Roxy wanted to help me, but she wasn't in any way condescending considering the state of my clothes!


I can't recommend Roxy greatly enough, and hope that more women will allow her to work with them because it was a real pleasure and I got more out of it than I bargained for.


she are stylish and lovely, and has helped me on my way to being fabulous at 30.


Thanks Roxy, I'm so glad I went for it xxx"

- Katy, Wardrobe Detox client

"I admired Roxy's fashion page on Facebook, loving her fashion tips and amazing outfits. One day, I jokingly wrote to her, requesting that she move to New York to help me with my wardrobe! Much to my surprise, she was traveling to New York, and replied "Let's book you in." I must confess I had not considered this possibility, which initially proved a bit intimidating to me. Despite my hesitation, I decided to accept Roxy's invitation, and we met at Lord and Taylor in Manhattan.

Roxy had previously requested photos of me, to gain some idea of my appearance. Upon my arrival, Roxy had already chosen several outfits for me to try on, which were neatly set up in a private dressing room! We also walked around the store to check out a few other possibilities. Ultimately, I decided upon a beautiful pair of classic, black trousers, a lovely silk top and my favourite piece...a waterfall, cardigan sweater. To this day, I still refer to these clothes as my 'Roxy outfit'.


I enjoyed meeting Roxy and gaining many valuable fashion tips! She is very professional, organised and truly possesses a great fashion sense!


I would highly recommend Roxy for anyone seeking fashion advise!


Many thanks to Roxy for helping me choose such a great outfit, and for a lovely and most enjoyable day!"

- Elizabeth, Personal Shopping client

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