Wardrobe Detoxing with a Guru
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Take the stress out of getting dressed and make your daily wardrobe go further. 

  • Feel confident and stylish

  • Learn styling trips and tricks that work for you

  • Make everyday dressing simple

  • Find new ways to style your wardrobe without spending money on new clothes (sustainable fashion)

  • Transform your organisation and storage

  • Build self confidence 

  • Compile a shopping list of pieces to finish off your closet perfectly

Folding Clothes


Half Day

Full Day



20% deposit required to secure booking

Wardrobe Detox


Suitable for all ages and genders. Available in London and across the UK, with some pre-planning.

Wardrobe Detox Online

Virtual styling with a Guru is available worldwide. Log on and connect to first class Wardrobe Detox styling services.

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Loads of clothes and nothing to wear?​


Wardrobe Detoxes are a fantastic way to increase the wearability of your clothes. They say we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, an everyday Fashion Guru will find you new flattering ways to wear the pieces in your wardrobe that you're wasting! This is truly sustainable fashion because you will have LOADS of new outfits without spending money on new clothes.

Your Guru will focus on silhouettes, materials and colours that work for you. You will gain a tidy, flattering and hard working wardrobe and be armed with the knowledge to feel fabulous and stress free getting dressed everyday! Afterwards you will compile a shopping list of any missing key pieces to finish your outfits off perfectly. A great precursor to a Personal Shopping appointment.

Service includes:

  • Complimentary consultation

  • Editing, archiving and styling of your wardrobe at your home

  • New purchases highlighted

What Our Client Says

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"When my Guru came round, I felt so at ease with her, as though she were a friend visiting, but at the same time I was blown away by her knowledge and skills "

- Katy, Wardrobe Detox client

How to Pick an Appointment

Half day

Recommended for general outfit building, style several perfect looks that begin to form a stylish new capsule wardrobe without spending any money on new clothes. Learn about what shapes, colours and styles work for your body type and gain confidence in your wardrobe. Trust me, the time flies!


Full day

Recommended for a full wardrobe style and organisation overhaul. Transform your existing daily wardrobe with amazing new combinations and have a newfound confidence in your clothes. Discover how different pieces can be styled together and know what trends look fab on you. End with a shopping list of any pieces that will perfectly polish off your wardrobe for long-lasting style confidence.